Olivia’s Must-Have: Roger Thomas Collection for SICIS Jewels

Our favorite pieces of jewelry don’t just make a statement with their sparkle, they tell a story of travel, traditions and craftsmanship as embodied in interior designer Roger Thomas’ new collection for renowned Italian mosaic makers SICIS. “I revere the genius of the past,” Thomas said about his classically elegant eye, something which has translated to a lifelong fascination with mosaic techniques. As head of design for Wynn Hotels, Thomas’ initially found grand spaces to embellish and experiment with, collaborating with SICIS to adorn floors, walls, staircases and even ceilings with intricate stone and tile compositions.

For the jewelry collection, Thomas drew inspiration from the era of the European Grand Tour, celebrating the decorative arts in elegant designs rich with detail and precious stone flourishes. Together with SICIS artisans, the designs are executed as historic micromosaics, a technique that uses finite glass tessera set in colors to create small-scale compositions. Handcrafted and each piece unique, the collection of abstracted classical motifs includes feathers (piuma), flowers (fiore), and clouds (nuvola).

Our personal favorite? The Cubism collection. Because who doesn’t like a little nod to art history with their accessories.

About the Author

Sarah Bertness is the Editorial Manager of social shopping platform LIKEtoKNOW.it, covering the arts, music, fashion and culture from Dallas in her spare time. She has a love for public art, all things vinyl, antiquing, wanderlust, and a good dose of color blocking and print clashing. You can follow her travels and musings on Instagram @sarahbertness.