Olivia’s Must Have: VALENTINO: At The Emperor’s Table

VALENTINO: At The Emperor’s Table is easily one of the most appropriately titled books in recent years as Valentino Garavani is not only the emperor of the house of Valentino but of a world of luxe affairs and all-together elegant lifestyle.

As dear friend and a fashion emperor in his own right, Andre Leon Talley wrote in the books’ introduction, “Valentino Garavani designs his luncheons and dinners, in all of his homes, the way he has created crescendos and allegros vivace throughout his forty-plus-year career as one of the greatest haute couture designers and high-fashion leaders in the world.”  All of this and more is displayed within the 80 exquisite illustrations (shot by Oberto Gili) found in this tome, demonstrating examples of a world we all wish to get lost in. This includes intricate table settings filled with his abundant collection of stunning china, recipes from Mr. Garavani’s personal chef, works of art found throughout his five homes in London, Paris, Gstaad, New York and Rome, and that’s just the beginning. So make sure to grab your copy and get an intimate look into the fabulous life of the one and only Valentino Garavani.

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