Olivia’s (Valentines Day) Must Have: Loveprint Jewelry


Having trouble finding that perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? We here at OliviaPalermo.com have found the solution to all of your gift-giving woes! For a thoughtful and creative gift, look no further than Loveprint Jewelry. Designed by jewelry artist Camille Cesari, Loveprint is a chic and original way to keep your loved ones close to you. Loveprint is the finger or paw print impression taken in soft wax and then cast in sterling silver or gold. You can choose to have your print transformed into a pendant, cuff links, ring, key ring or bracelet. You can visit Camille at her retail store in Jersey City to have the impression taken (it’s best to call or email for a Loveprint appointment) or you can order the kit online at LoveprintJewelry.com and do the prints at home. Return the kit, wax impressions, and order form and your one of a kind Loveprint will be shipped to you in about 3 weeks. In factOlivia even has  her very own Loveprint of Mr. Butler’s paw and Tommy Hilfiger has a Loveprint of his pooch too. Finding a unique and personal gift is never easy, but Loveprint has solved that dilemma, declaring chocolate and flowers a thing of the past!

About the Author

Anna is a contributor for OliviaPalermo.com. She is also a student at Stony Brook University. Stay updated with her on instagram @thisthattrend.