OP Must Have: Nantucket Baskets

While summer may be coming to an end, there are certain pieces in your wardrobe that can bring about memories of beach filled days all year round. Hence our latest must have; the Nantucket Basket (by various artists) that come in all shapes and sizes. With their oak swing handles and tightly ratten-woven composition, these baskets can be used for both function and decor. For instance, their wine carrier not only appears to be a statement making handbag thanks to its oblong shape but it features a removable marble insert for chilling said wine to the perfect temperature. Or if your style begs to be more traditional, than their elongated oval Double Handle “French Bread” Basket is right up your alley. Perfect for carrying picnic essentials or bringing flowers and veggies from the garden to the table, it will easily add a touch of elegance to any outdoor activity. And while there are plenty of Nantucket baskets to go around, our favorites can be found at fourwindscraftguild.com.

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