OP Must Have: Rochas Brocade & Embellished Block Heel

There’s just something special about certain pairs of shoes. We all have them. Those few styles that are the equivalent to a work of art. They make you smile when you wear them and give you a little extra kick of feeling fancy. And while men like Manolo and Gianvito are kings of these creations, recently, brands like Rochas and Miu Miu deserve plenty of the spotlight too, having provided us with ample amounts of Cinderella-esque options the last few years.

For proof, take a peek at the beautiful brocade Rochas block heel that has made our most recent “must-have” list. Featuring an all-over brocade with a floral printed design and sky-blue + lime silk threading, this 4-inch heeled, sharply-pointed stunner is topped with a fanning of black opal beads which are then carefully topped with an arrangement of crystal embellishments in coordinating colors of clear, emerald and teal. And while they definitely register within designer shoe pricing ($895 to be exact) the craftsmanship and artistry is undeniably worth every penny.


About the Author

Jillian Magenheim is the Editorial Director and Director of Partnerships for OliviaPalermo.com. She is also a digital media consultant for various fashion and beauty brands. You can follow her thoughts on Twitter @Magenhaz and on Instagram @jillianrose_m