OP Must Have: Rouge G de Guerlain Lipstick Cases

Beauty products are constantly being innovated from the inside out. With precisely combined special ingredients, most makeup can now not only make you beautiful on the outside but help improve your skin while you wear it. And while we’re so appreciative of these spectacular breakthroughs (which this must have is a brand that is full of these), our latest must-have also focuses on what’s on the outside of the lipstick too.

Featuring, the Rouge G de Guerlain customizable cases. These double mirrored pieces are more like a piece of jewelry than something to simply hold your lipstick. The signature curve of the case now features an abundance of designs by jeweler Lorenz Bäumer, from a faux exotic and marble print to Parure gold and a beautiful veil effect called the “French Mademoiselle” there’s something to match everyone’s personal style.

And while yes the product that lies within this stunner is of course enriched with amazing beneficial ingredients (like jojoba and mango butter and guggul resin to help smooth and plump lips) but there’s just something special about the beautiful package it comes in.

About the Author

Jillian Magenheim is the Editorial Director and Director of Partnerships for OliviaPalermo.com. She is also a digital media consultant for various fashion and beauty brands. You can follow her thoughts on Twitter @Magenhaz and on Instagram @jillianrose_m