OP Wish List: Boucheron Hôtel Particulier Ring

This spectacular ring from Boucheron gives us all the butterflies and fancy that only a one-of-a-kind piece of fine jewelry can provide. The Hôtel Particulier Ring lives within the “Architecture Inspirée” section of the 26 Vendôme collection. Designed by Claire Choisne, 26 Vendôme revisits Boucheron’s creative heritage and the particular genius of the founder in three themes (along with Architecture Inspiree, are “Nature Triomphante” – filled with florals and flowing shapes – and “Porté Couture” – with parents who were drapers this is a tribute to haute couture). Now, this specific art-deco beauty is filled with geometric lines, set with 7.75 carrots featuring yellow sapphire, pavé diamonds and yellow sapphires and finished off with black lacquer on white and yellow gold. And while it’s lovely to think of one day owning such an extraordinary piece of ultra-fine jewelry, for now we will dreamily put it in our wish list jar and hope that one day our dreams will come true.

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