P.S. We Love: Burberry Kisses

Burberry Kisses

Remember writing letters?  Remember sometimes after sealing them up you would turn it over and add the four letters “S.W.A.K” (sealed with a kiss) for that special someone?   Now, thanks to the innovative teamwork of Burberry and Google, we can all do just that, except this time, virtually.  Using Kiss Recognition technology – yes, this is real – we can all play around with Burberry Kisses.  Through standard touchscreen capabilities on your desktop, iPad or mobile device, kiss the screen as instructed and voilà a printed replica of your exact pout is there for you to customize in the Burberry lipstick color of your choosing to then send off to anyone in the world!  With a real-time interactive map you can watch through animations as your kiss makes its way to the recipient as well as see which cities are sending and receiving the most love.  Personal, touching and superbly creative, Burberry Kisses really helps to “spread the love” around.

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