P.S. We Love: Jerome C Rousseau



Even though this beauty won’t be available to purchase until 2014 (in fact, we can already see our bank accounts slowly declining come the debut of the Spring collections in stores and online), Jerome C Rousseau has given us a statement sandal that has us begging for warm weather just as the chill of winter sets upon us.  Inspired by modern art, nightlife and European design, Rousseau has been providing showstopping designs since his first collection back in 2008.  Born in Quebec, he was able to fine-tune his skills to create his covetable one of a kind collections while working alongside some of the greats – aka – Matthew Williamson, John Richmond and John Rocha.  With his signature “horn-heel” present, this shimmery gold heel is handcrafted in Italy just as the rest of the collection and inspires us to break out our own favorite staple shoe to show off this holiday season.

Jerome C. Rousseau from Rainstar Boutique on Vimeo.

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