Part Two: Spotlight on Korean Skincare: Steps 6-11

As a continuation of yesterday’s post, please see steps 6-11 of the amazing Korean Skincare regimen.

Step 6 Patches and Masks: Only meant to be used two to three times per week, there are a wealth of eye patches and facial masks that further aid in treating individual trouble-skin concerns. Unlike our skin “masks” that are made of a liquid or gel base that dries on its own, Korean masks often have an ultra-thin paper base that allows you to apply, wait and peel off.

skin 2 text 3

Herb Tea Blemish Minus Calming Mask

Step 7 Eye Cream: A step we’re familiar with (but many of us skip) is another essential part of the Korean routine. Simply put, it’s a separate moisturizer made just for your eye area, to aid in anti-aging, moisture and diminishing dark circles.

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Snail Repair Eye Cream

Step 8 Allover hydration: This is probably the most common step American women are used to. After a simple cleanse, we moisturize and hop into bed. Also known as an emulsifer, an allover hydrating skin cream is applied as one of the final steps to the Korean regimen, locking in hydration and all the other ingredients you’ve fed your skin with. Don’t forget to massage your neck!

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O Hui Age Recovery Essential Emulsion

Step 9 The Sleeping Pack: Almost finished! A sleeping pack is a thick night cream. (You’ll notice that American nighttime moisturizers are often thicker than their daytime counterparts; these are similar.) Your day routine will nix the sleeping pack. But at night apply it to your skin to intensely hydrate as you sleep.

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Lioele V-Line Sleeping Pack

Step 10 Daytime SPF: SPF is very important to Korean skincare and dermatologists in the states often say it is the most important step to fighting skin damage. So don’t skip it! The trendiest way to get your SPF in Korea (at the moment) is to use a sponge compact. It’s a BB or CC cream infused with, you guessed it, SPF.

skin 2 text 1

UV Mist Cushion

Optional 11: Some Korean women also use a facial mist throughout the day to maintain their dewy glow.

skin 2 text 5

Mineral Water Mist

And there you have it! In an HD world, skincare is one of our best defenses against bad photos and home videos. Not to mention, skin well taken care of is skin that ages gracefully, never before its time.

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