Today’s round up includes Rochas and Delvaux.



There’s a part within all of us that just wants to slouch in soft oversized items. Rochas definitely got the memo. Dusty pink oversized coats and soft wool vests. But slouch wasn’t the only trend on the agenda. For every slouch, there was form. Think peplums, leather gloves and ankle-length skirts a-plenty. With tinsel-esq furry detailing on dresses and embellished bomber jackets, the collection felt luxe and seasonal with a side order of strange (models wearing space-style sunglasses, garish blue gloves on a perfectly pastel outfit). Just how we like it.

By: Sarah Kwong

Sarah is a features writer for a women’s weekly magazine and is based in London. Prior to this, she worked for Cosmopolitan UK magazine, and has freelanced for a variety of National magazines and websites, including The Times Magazine, Glamour and, among others. She also blogs on the Huffington Post.




Using an abundance of new materials and intricate techniques this season, Delvaux flexed their creative muscles resulting in an utmost memorable collection for Fall 2014.  Sophisticated without being stuffy, they masterfully mingled treated mink, shearling and fox fur with materials such as textured ostrich, tejus lizard and alligator dolce while contrasting piping and unexpected hardware came together to bring this arctic and northern lights inspired collection to life.  Sure, the iconic Delvaux shapes were all present – Le Brilliant, Madame, Tempete – and while every piece was indubitably refined, there was an infiltration of chic whimsy and surrealism that brought a fresh youthful feel to these intriguing classics.  Predominately full of arctic blues, ivory and reflective metallics, Delvaux continued to keep innovation at the forefront of their minds by using superior technical skills with an artisanal touch to premiere new white resin buckles and an entirely new style by the name of the Every D Hobo bag (finished with a signature “D” on each piece) proving that the oldest fine leather luxury goods house in the world still has some superior tricks up their sleeves.

By: Jillian Magenheim

Jillian Magenheim is a writer, editor and a digital media/PR consultant for multiple fashion and beauty brands.  You can follow her thoughts on twitter @Magenhaz

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