Today’s round up includes Chanel, Valentino, and Alexander McQueen.



Karl Lagerfeld is undefeatable. He does the unthinkable. He goes beyond belief. And unless you’re some sort of intergalactic superhero, you’ll already know why tweets, Instagrams and Facebook posts were being swooned with the Chanel buzz yesterday morning.

The location/atmosphere: Paris’ Grand Palais was transformed into a ritzy Chanel hypermarket, where just about everything from sweets, eggs, and branded coffees and teas were displayed for an exuberant mix of guests to indulge into (and steal away with their designer shopping trollies) before the show commenced.

Standout looks included: Oversized tweed coats, baby pink knits, metallic and multicolored sneakers, a classic pink skirt-suit (very Coco and appeared a suited and booted gentleman on hand), and corsets with narrow waists complementing balloon sleeves.

The accessories: Asides feather dusters, shopping bags and ‘lait de coco’ bottle being carried by models, the long pearl necklaces with padlocks.




Sarah Burton’s been gleaming in the limelight from the very second she was appointed the creative director, and if yesterday’s show is anything to by, she’s not prepared to back down anytime soon. Asides being a favored designer for the stars – we’re talking both celebrities and royalties – guests were taken to a mystical and surreal world of McQueen.

The location/atmosphere: Imagine walking through a deserted park with trees chopped off, bushes blown away, dry grass, and weed growing in every other corner, and there you have an image of what the runway looked like. However, as odd as that sounds in black and white, it was breathtaking, magical and beautifully sinister once the show kicked off.

Standout looks included: A dark splash of volumized coats and dresses, off-white dresses accompanying chunky black belts clinching in waists, and quite possibly the most innovative fur technique that fashion has ever introduced with one particular dress sending chilling reminders of Black Swan; coming in monochrome tones and almost feather-like sleeves. In fact, the collection in general was chilling.

The accessories: The hair and makeup made up the accessories that were missing – not that it was particularly needed. Think extremely tight braids, some in working in spiral shapes, with heavy eyelashes against pale skin.




Well, well, well – what do we have here? Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, of course. The super-duper duo took their guests back to the brand’s roots of the more traditional Valentino woman, the exact one we’ve been praising and bowing down to for years. What does ‘androgynous fashion’ even mean?

The location/atmosphere: The runway we’ve all been used to for years but taking in the laudable fact that it’s Valentino, it doesn’t matter. The clothes, and a tiny seating dysfunction that’s still making everyone gasp (we’re not discussing the details here), were enough to keep the crowd going and glowing.

Standout looks: Geometric prints on sweeping gowns and an oversized cape, absolutely stunning floral and bird (and even some fishes too) appliques resting on dresses – which ranged from soft greys to deep navy with the most delicate of all materials – and fringing on a leather skirt and a trench-like jacket.

The accessories: Tanned leather bags, but it’s those ankle booties that’ll be a sellout…

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