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Gentlemen, are your fedoras, pocket-squares, slim ties, tailored suits and pastel colors ready? The aforementioned are must-haves when attending the men’s collection showings at PITTI. Before entering into grandiose settings for viewing of new offerings from designers, one cannot help but notice the fashion show occurring with the attendees. Judging by the well put together outfits of Italy’s men, the trend report from an onlooker would not stop with just the wardrobe choices, notice the grooming of the gentlemen. Every part in the hair, long beard, five o’clock shadow, moussed hair, combed back look or low haircut was done on purpose for catering to the outfit. There is a trend that goes deeper than just the wardrobe for today’s astute man. Present day metrosexual men understand the concept, it is called “The Complete Look”. This means, the grooming, wardrobe, color coordination of his outfit, accessories (watch, jewelry, socks, pocket-squares, tie clips) and scent are all paid equal attention in preparation for representing his style aesthetic. You may ask, ‘How does scent tie into a look?’ When a man has on a cologne or scent he feels fits with his wardrobe, his walk is different and chest is poked out a little more from the confidence he is exuding. It is not an air of arrogance but rather a stride of successful completion. This can be seen from the images of PITTI’s attendees.

One guest designer of PITTI captured the exact feel of the Italian men mixed with American functionality within their collection. Z Zenga took full advantage of being the guest designer of PITTI. Male models wearing formal business attire with traditional blues, greys and a splash of white, strut down the runway with three quarter length Vibrant color jackets completing their look. This mixture of business and casual wardrobe has been a major trend among men recently. Men are constantly looking for ways to transition their business attire or semi-formal collection into a laid back look still capable of being acceptable for whatever twist their night day or evening may involve. Z Zenga kept the construction of the line very clean with suit construction yet more detailed textile in the sweater collection worn adorn the suit or short set pieces. While adding some splash of strong color within the casual chinos, their line offers a diverse collection for every man. Daring to cater to every demographic of man was a bold move on the designer’s behalf yet may pay off in significant dividends due to the transitional pieces within the collection.

pitti runway

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