Print Pairing: Floral & Polka-Dot

– By Teresa Greenfeld –

Many seem to shy away when it comes to pairing different prints. Perhaps out of fear – or out of some strong hold to those long-established “rules” of fashion (of the “no white after Labor Day” sort). If the former is keeping you from mixing prints like a pro, fear not; though it may require a few test runs in front of the mirror, it’s actually much simpler than you think.

One of the most basic rules is to pair a “neutral” print with a more elaborate one. In this case, a polka-dot print acts as the neutral, and the floral, the more elaborate. Polka-dot prints tend to be almost symmetrical, and the garment as a whole typically only contains two colors (the color of the polka-dots and the base color of the garment). On the other hand, floral prints by nature are more chaotic, often containing several varying colors. When pairing the two, look for common colors, which will allow them to compliment one another. Choose accessories based on the color palate; brighter prints need the balance of neutral-hued shoes and bags, whereas more subdued prints need a pop of color.

An expertly mixed print ensemble delivers some serious chic-cred of fashion maven like proportion -that alone makes it worth attempting.  However it also means pairing together that which you never thought possible – essentially doubling your wardrobe.  That makes it a must.


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