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 ANDREW GN: On Debuting His Handbag Collection

When Andrew Gn moved to Paris fifteen years ago, he was both inspired and taken by the city he first visited as a child—and like all great designers, past and present, Gn looked no further than his surroundings and the people closest to him for inspiration.

“My mom was a very elegant woman—she was always in Chanel and Valentino in the 70s,” recalls Gn, who was raised into a cosmopolitan family in Singapore. “Being a kid and seeing all of the fabulous women in my family all dressed up, I was more or less influenced by that.” Yes, this innate sense of style instilled during Gn’s youth laid the groundwork for his design future, but his influences extend beyond the world of fashion.

“I’ve always had a great passion for art, as well. My parents are collectors [of] contemporary and modern art, and also 17th and 18th century art.” His sought after creations, specifically his Spring/Summer 2014 handbag collection, display this collision of fine art and fashion—two distinct fields that Gn seamlessly unites in a jewel-adorned collection of leather goods.

“I started designing clothing, but in the back of my mind, an outfit is never complete without a handbag.” For years we waited for Gn to lend his talents to designing every woman’s most coveted accessory. It was not until his Fall/Winter 2013 runway show that he debuted his handbag line, which was in the works for two years prior. All good things in life are worth waiting for, right?

Now, on his second handbag collection, Gn experiments with texture and pattern while staying true to the classic shapes he debuted in 2013. Whether it’s the aesthetically pleasing placement of the front pockets on the Cargo, or the delicately embellished chain of the Pocket, Gn’s designs possess mesmerizing qualities. Further demonstrating his ability to merge experience with construction, Gn imposed Picasso-esque shapes onto hand-painted snakeskins in his recent collection.

When asked about the turning point in his career, Gn does not hesitate. “[My] late friend, Lulu de la Falaise once told me every moment should be an ultimate moment.” For Gn, these ultimate moments come at the close of one season and the sequential start of the next. With constant innovation acting as a driving force behind his brand’s identity, there is no limit to our expectations of his future collections.

“Another turning point. That’s all I can say!”

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