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In honor of Mother’s Day, we had to highlight one of our favorite new blogs, Mama & Tata which is providing an insider’s guide to what every Mom needs in NYC (and hopefully soon to be other cities around the globe). Created by sister duo, Candice Miller and Jenna Crespi, the website – which launches today – began when Jenna became pregnant and started asking Candice for tips on all things about motherhood.  “I realized that my friends had been asking me these questions for years and I had key information beneficial to all moms in the city.  It seemed organic to be able to share my knowledge with women who would gain the most at such a vulnerable time in their lives.  To be able to alleviate any stress that new moms endure was reason enough for me to start” – Candice

The site aims to do just that as the two women share their experiences and secrets on how to be a great mom while maintaining beauty, style, and glamour in everyday life. They discuss beauty, fashion, decor, health and great family advice through insightful interviews, videos and excessive research that provides an abundance of well-balanced content perfect for any woman looking to (gracefully) have it all, while simultaneously doing what’s best for her and her family.


For example, have an hour of downtime and eager for a quick beauty fix? Whether it’s skincare, nails or other regimens, they’ve got the insider scoop to getting perfectly quaffed so you can get back to your little one asap. A one stop shop for children’s clothing, toys and even a haircut? They’ve got your answer for that as well. Even a high-end and highly curated consignment e-commerce store to keep your kids in top brands without breaking the bank.

In the end though, the best part is that it’s the love of family that truly provides not only the core of what the blog stems from but what keeps it going as well.  “Being able to spend all this time with my sister during this time in her life and being there to support her (is my favorite part about creating and working on the blog).  My sister and I are the best of friends and this experience has brought us even closer.”

For your inside scoop into all things fabulous and mommy focused, go to!

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