Queen Of The Night

What do you get when you strip away the anonymity afforded by the masks at ‘Sleep No More,’ add a mouthwatering menu, a Thom Browne-designed wardrobe and Giovanna Battaglia’s creative vision and decadent detailing, and a lavish 1940’s New York City nightclub revamped and reopened? Mixing theater and thrills, avant garde with acrobatics, music and magic, and Broadway and burlesque, producer Randy Weiner’s latest fusion performance, ‘Queen of the Night,’ is nothing short of a circus for the senses.

Pushing the bounds of interactive theater even further, audience members are fully immersed in the extravagant affair loosely based on Mozart’s opera, “The Magic Flute.” The “dark debutante ball” fills The Paramount Hotel’s sprawling ballroom, Diamond Horeshoe, with no expense spared. Guests wine, dine and become part of the evening’s gala, joining a cast of characters for an ever-changing experience.

Outreached hands will invite you in to join in the revelry and secrets of the space. Expect the unexpected and be bold. You never know what delights may be waiting for you behind the velvet curtains.

Head to http://queenofthenightnyc.com for tickets.

About the Author

Sarah Bertness is the Editorial Manager of social shopping platform LIKEtoKNOW.it, covering the arts, music, fashion and culture from Dallas in her spare time. She has a love for public art, all things vinyl, antiquing, wanderlust, and a good dose of color blocking and print clashing. You can follow her travels and musings on Instagram @sarahbertness.