Radiant Skin From the Inside Out

Did you know that you lose approximately 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells from the surface almost every minute? Did you know that skin fully renews itself every 28 days? How about that sometimes, changes in your skin can signal changes in your health as a whole? Now the ultimate question; the radiance of youthful skin… what happens to it? Where does it go?

When we are young our skin is firm, supple and has a natural radiant glow. As time ticks on, our skin goes through many physiological changes. Through the progression of time, the effects start to show on our skin and unfortunately, in time, this becomes more and more apparent with the showing of wrinkles and sagging.

The life of your skin begins from within (literally). This is where the energy source sits as your cells journey to the surface, passing through various stages, starting as moist, living, nucleated cells, and end up as dead, flat flakes of skin that form on the outer layer. It takes approximately five weeks for new cells to get all the way up to the top layer, which means the skin you have will in a months time be completely new compared to what you have today. With this in mind, the collagen that makes up 75% of your skin and is a great source of protein and the elastin which gives your skin its structure and support will in time break down and diminish due to environmental factors resulting in your skin quite literally aging.

Now, there are two types of aging; intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic, which has to do with the natural aging process, deals with each persons’ unique genetic make-up, therefore the rate at what one ages is determined by the genes we inherit. In general, when you are in your….

20s your skin is plump and healthy, you may have a few lines, and you may have occasional but manageable acne. Investing into a skin care regimen now will bring you less evidence of ageing later in life.

30s skin you may start to have fine lines around the mouth and eyes; you may experience adult acne due to hormones and stress. An anti-prevention skin care regimen is important.

40s you may start to produce less oil production resulting in dry skin, less elasticity, wrinkles around the mouth and eyes are more evident, eye area begins to lose tone, pigmentation problems due to sun exposure and hormonal changes. At this point you may which to try professional chemical and mechanical exfoliation treatments, or you may wish to opt for an anti-ageing skin care regimen

50s wrinkles around the eye and mouth are more apparent, skin on the face, chin and neck begin to sag, skin loses its plumpness and tone, the skin becomes drier, sun-related lesions may appear on the face. At this point you may want to opt for deeper peels and microdermabrasion as part of the skin care regimen. Or you may want to opt for an intensive anti ageing regime

60+The naso-labal folds deepen, sagging in the neck becomes more pronounced, wrinkles of varying depths are evident around the eyes and on the face and neck, new wrinkles are everywhere, dryness. You may at this point want to look into plastic surgery. Or you may want to opt for an intensive anti ageing regime

On the other hand, extrinsic is caused by all external factors. These include; photo-damage (due to prolonged exposure to the sun), smoking, facial expressions, gravity (causing the tip of the nose to droop, ears to elongate, eyelids to fall, jowls to form), sleeping positions, lack of nutrients, stress, etc.

So, in order to assist in preventing both the intrinsic and extrinsic components from effecting your skin there are a few products that are key in your home care regimen – sunscreen, antioxidant, and any other formulation that will work on strengthening and nourishing the cells, etc. Here are our recommendations:


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