Resort Must-Have: Kayu Handbags

If you’re anything like us and have been swooning over the handbags from this gift guide, we’ve found some beauties that’ll keep you appeased well into 2015 – basically, anything and everything from Kayu.

Founded by (the adorable) Jamie Lin who grew up in South East Asia and is a fan of traditional and artisanal crafts found in the region, each Kayu bag is designed with natural materials such as straw, shell and wood. The extraordinary part, though, is that it’s all made by hand from artisans in the Philippians, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

And while we’re sure that you’ll join us with the overly enthusiastic nods of approval as we glare over every intricately and beautifully made bag – to be fair, we can’t select a favorite, so we’ll be adding it all to the wish list – there’s further good made out of purchasing any of Kayu’s designs, too; a percentage of each sale is “donated towards creating economic opportunities for craftspeople in developing nations.”

Are we sold? Yes, we are.


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