Restaurant Spotlight: Perrine at The Pierre

When one hears the term ‘fine-dining’ it can sometimes bring to mind a certain notion of fussy and overpriced plates with not enough food and a stuffy staff to boot, leaving patrons feeling underwhelmed, underfed and turned out of pocket. Fortunately, the Perrine is shattering these stereo-types, proving once and for all that fine dining doesn’t mean skimping on any of the basics while going above and beyond with extra surprises, fulfilling even the highest of expectations.

Located within The Pierre hotel on the corner of 61st street and 5th avenue, The Perrine is quietly tucked away, so much so that you could easily walk by without notice, and wouldn’t that be a shame? For inside this elegant establishment boasts a bravado of flavorful food, delectable libations and a friendly staff that seemingly float from table to table, proudly providing 5-star service in their crisp white embroidered jackets explaining each dish in detail and making sure every request is handled swiftly and precisely.

It was rebranded last June as a restaurant putting up a modern take on French inspired American cuisine from breakfast and brunch to dinner and dessert. The decor is understated and clean with low back chairs a neutral color palette and white linens lining each square setting.  The walls are kept fairly clean aside from some beautiful artwork and large windows lining the 61st street side to allow plenty of natural light to sun-soak the room during the day. Off-set to the left is the long bar that extends from the front door to midway through the restaurant, beckoning to be cozied up to in order to lap up some of the best cocktails the city has to offer (might we suggest their version of a Mahattan, or, if you’re feeling festive, The Old Cuban).

Then, there’s the food. We were fortunate enough to get a glimpse into the heart of the establishment – the kitchen – during lunch service one day and to say it runs like a well-oiled pristine machine would be a bit of an understatement. Lead by the extremely talented – and might we add, one of the kindest executive chef’s – Ashfer Biju, the team itself has been together for four years while Biju and his sous have been working together for twelve years, “sometimes we don’t even need to speak”. Together they splice new American cuisine with French inspired techniques resulting in perfectly braised black sea bass with glazed carrots

We’d be remiss not to mention the absolutely stunning piece de la resistance of the Pierre, the rotunda. Originally a party destination for the who’s who of muses and celebrities back in the 70’s it was then a private event only space for decades after. Now after a refurbishment back in October the rotunda has been brought back to its former glory. A splendor of decadent decor, with its rounded hand-painted walls containing plush emerald velvet banquette seating and navy sconces, it transports you far from the clustered streets of NYC to a Parisian brasserie. Opened every day starting at 3pm it’s the perfect spot for an in-between snack or meal, or perhaps just partake in the dessert table that sits centered in the room while a bar cart is wheeled around creating artisanal cocktails table-side.

Lastly, having just opened their new outdoor terrace, this completes the ambitious re-imagining of the hotel’s public spaces. It’s the perfect place to slide in for a relaxing lunch with central park views or people watch during a warm summers night. They’ve even teamed up with Chateau d’Esclans – producer of Whispering Angel rose – in order to host a variety of events which includes a weekly happy hour titled “Rosé Thursdays” featuring a special for wine and specially crafted selection of appetizers inspired by summer in Provence such as Gougeres with Red Pepper dip and Grilled Shrimp in Herbs de Provence and Capers, a Celebration of La Fête du Musique on June 21st featuring an outdoor ‘street party’ and live music by various musical acts and Bastille Day festivities (naturally).

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