Runway Report: Acne Studios Fall 2017

For a brand who started out in being casual and denim-heavy, Acne Studios took a plunge this season with their smarty-fun Fall 2017 collection. Without a hint of denim in sight, the range still excited and empowered; which is what you want from fashion, right?

A color palette of mustard, burgundy, beige, barney-purple, marle gray and white was made into a semi-art, semi-wearable line. Rough patchwork gave an effortless feel to the season ahead, while oversized boho bags and earrings spoke to the fashion-forward girl.

We also saw Jonny Johansson, creative director at Acne Studios, take textured-layering to a whole new level. For instance, a gritty gray asymmetrical collared shirt was placed under a fuzzy storm colored knit which was enhanced with a green and navy galaxy print. The model was then styled with a greige suede overcoat, moss green patent trousers and almond lace up booties.

Meanwhile, if pant-suiting is more for you, Jonny offered a white and lavender floral printed three piece suit, two-thirds in crinkled crepe and one-third in a structured fabric which fastened with a hook and eye. It’s safe to say that there was enough substance at Acne Studios to fill many a Fall season to come.

About the Author

Sabi Datoo-Lalji is a British Fashion Editor and Consultant living in Chelsea, NYC. When she isn't dreaming about Valentino Rock Studs, Sabi can be found practicing yoga and finding zen-like havens for her blog ( Follow her whimsicle footprint on Twitter & Instagram @sabidatoolalji