Runway Report: Alessandra Rich Fall 2016

Alessandra Rich presented a collection appropriately titled ‘Bye Bye Kitty’, and if that quirky nod to Asian influence wasn’t obvious enough, she displayed plenty of day and evening interpretations of the cheongsam (complete with swirling toggle closures and bright metallic threaded red hues) to make sure we got the hint. Thankfully, however playful and slightly costume the theme could have gone, her skillful hand utilizing mature fabrics of velvet and silk brought about a spark of intrigue and sexiness instead.

There was a little something for everyone. For example, if some of her more daring looks were too much for some – I mean, not everyone chooses to wear ultra-mini lavender velvet turtleneck dresses with lace scalloped hems – she kept her clientele happy by implementing plenty of her classic construction of ruffles and lace, (which in this case were manipulated into ankle-length dresses of black and white). And while they could have leaned toward fussy, Rich showed restraint keeping them fresh and sexy with the help of unexpected structure and the inclusion of heavier tweed pieces like a high center-split skirt and robe coat.

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