Runway Report: Chanel Fall 2016

What to expect from a man who has already done it all, more than twice?  In a time when business of fashion is changing so rapidly and collection previews altering their true purpose, Karl Lagerfeld strips down his notorious theatrics and delivers a stunning collection of over the top frilly dresses – yet still manages to shock the first row (which in this case, was everyone).  The audience was mesmerized by the simplicity of the presentation, where the focus truly was on the clothes.  There was a surplus of trapeze lace dresses with piles of Coco pearls. Then came the tweed suits in a multitude of colors and some interwoven with denim.  The color palette swayed from one spectrum of rich caramels to dusty pinks.  It was a rhetoric of classic Chanel but rationalized, efficient, and ready to wear.

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