Runway Report: Chanel

For Chanel’s F/W Haute Couture collection, The Grand Palais was warped into Casino Royale. As the show began, one by one, Karl’s muses (Kristen Stewart, Rita Ora, Lara Stone, Julianne Moore – just to name a few) came out and sat at a table, willing to test their luck while donning bespoke pieces designed specifically for each of them by the man of the hour, having most of us come to the conclusion that their cup of luck already runneth over.

To kick off the collection the first portion of looks represented interpretations of the classic Chanel suit. No longer only made the old-fashioned way (by hand) but rather cut with lasers and printed by machines, the evolution of the most famous tweed jacket in the world – this time with strong emphasis on the shoulder thanks to exaggerated epaulettes – was the piece de resistance from start to finish. As the rosey-cheeked models continued to flock down the gambling floor, the structured square shaped silhouettes fell way to softer dresses full of glitz and glam showcasing Karl’s feminine and more romantic side.

And while the incredible couture designs had all of hearts a twitter, there was a second collection sparkling from the bodies of the ladies playing cards as a full re-issue of the house’s only fine jewelry line – “Bijoux de Diamants” – brought the glamour in the room over the top.


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