Runway Report: Chloe

As impeccably dressed onlookers lined the sand-colored cork runway at Sunday’s Chloé show, they couldn’t help but hold Creative Director, Clare Waight Keller to the highest of expectations. Would a venue change also mean a departure from the routinely polished Chloe we’ve seen since the brand’s inception? Close, but not quite.

Just like the Lycee Carnot gave all invited to attend a fresh view, so too did this season’s collection serve to tip-toe over the sand-engraved line of what is Chloé. Waight Keller’s collection tested the theory of transparency—the idea that with carefully chosen and soft-to-touch silks and linens, a sense of lightness can be created, while still leaving much to the imagination. Sheer nude blouses paired with khaki-colored mid-calf cinched pants with a quilted overlay are both safari-sporty and schoolgirl chic.  All white ensembles and classic neutrals pulled the reigns back in fitted blazer type jackets, silk layered deep v-neck tunics and perfectly pleated garments to let the true Chloé girl polished spirit shine through.

While this desert inspired collection was far from expected, the real standout pieces came in hues of deep cerulean, all while remaining focused on the complexity of the fabrics in use. Other pieces held true to authentic Chloé spirit—airy and unstructured and truly feminine in form and produced in a full spectrum of neutrals. So while this Spring/ Summer 2014 collection embraced the increasingly popular sheer trend of the season while simultaneously transporting us to the Sahara, it did not renounce its deep-rooted schoolgirl chic charm we wait for season after season.

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