Runway Report: Christian Dior AW18

For Dior’s Fall 2018 collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri was sparked by an exhibition about the protests of 1968. Curious as to what the house of Dior was doing at that time, Chiuri discovered a black-and-white photograph of a young woman protesting outside of Dior, as there were not enough miniskirts inside. The photograph proved that change was occurring in every aspect of society that year.

Chiuri referenced a social and political turning point of the past, that seemed today, more relevant than ever before. A homage, if one will, to this platform of change made way for the Fall 2018 season.

The show venue consisted of interiors papered with torn magazine covers from the late ‘60s. Collaged slogans and headlines spoke to the overwhelming feminine power of that time. A great feminist uprising- once in the 1960’s, reborn in the year 2018.

The collection influence of the ‘60s was noted through the actual clothing as well. Crochets, embroideries and patchworks were featured and immediately identified in support of Chiuri’s inspiration. School uniform jackets and kilts were reimagined under the Dior signature aesthetic. Archival Dior prints were reproduced and functioned throughout the collection. The accessories collection cohesively hosted embroidery and patchwork, inclusively.

As history is always subject to repeat itself, one can only wonder- what of today is igniting the fueled inspiration for the collection 50 years from now?

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