Runway Report: Christian Dior SS17 Couture

In her debut for Dior Couture, Maria Grazia Chiuri granted her élite audience unreserved access to a resplendent garden party complete with theme appropriate Stephen Jones headdresses, and extraordinarily crafted tulle ball gowns – some seemingly ethereal, romantic and celestial, while others more commanding, structured, and in stark color contrasts.  The commonality is that they all depicted a certain level of approachability if not practicality, yet a very clear warning that these collectibles are not meant for any ordinary fashionista.

Couture is often a way to carriage one’s VIPs to a world of illusion and opulence, but Chuiri somehow manages to make it all seem more tangible and therefore brings about radical authenticity to her process and presentation. “I don’t want to lose the idea of dreaming,” she said, in a preview at Dior headquarters. “But I do want to make it possible for couture to be wearable.”

Everything is intentionally imperfect, from the set to the finishings – all with a purpose to bring about reality and accessibility to a world often gazed into but very rarely physically explored.

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