Runway Report: Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2015

Mother’s Day came early this year for Dolce & Gabbana. Aptly named after the Neapolitan singer Edoardo Bennato’s song, “Viva la Mama,” the fall/winter 2015 collection was a beautiful ode to the moms of the world.

The show began with an illuminated tableau of women posing alongside their children at the end of the runway which, miraculously, did not produce a single tantrum. The adorable child props and mama-and-me looks continued as the occasional model/mom emerged on the runway with a baby in hand to the reflexive chorus of “awww” from the crowd. Taking it one step further, a very pregnant Bianca Bali made a catwalk appearance clad in a sophisticated body hugging blush dress, officially becoming the chicest pregnant women to have ever lived. New life goal = set.

The refined silhouettes and looks as a whole were not entirely new for the designing duo, but the details, as always, set them apart. Energetic doodles created by Domenico Dolce’s nieces and nephews were colorfully splayed across the ‘50s-styled full skirts and long-sleeved midi-dresses – a look reminiscent of Angelina Jolie’s playfully embroidered wedding dress this past year. Multilingual phrases including “Amore per Sempre” and “Je T’aime Maman” were scrawled across bodices and boxy handbags in bold-hued sequins and patchwork cutouts – essentially what you’d imagine a children’s punk fashion movement to look like.

D&G’s signature roses were a common element throughout the outstanding 88 look collection, seen embroidered down the front of A-line mini dresses and textured fur skirts, as well as toted around by the bouquet in the models’ oversized crocodile leather bags. There was also no shortage of opulence; gold brooches, pearls, oversized floral buttons, and gems were seen on everything from headbands and knitwear, to dresses and velvet shoes. Even the oversized furry earmuffs and headphones were bejeweled, matching the equally bedazzled iPhones they connected to. Talk about walking to your own beat.

The models’ pulled-back, middle-parted hair and berry lips were the perfect finishing touches to the classy yet still quirky collection. Here’s to hoping our next family reunion looks even half as glamorous as this one.

About the Author

Naomi Nachmani is a Toronto-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle freelance writer. She has a penchant for history, travelling, books and The Bachelor, and believes strongly in the value of emojis. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @naominachmani