Runway Report: Ellery Fall 2016

We sort of did a double take at the opening of Kim Ellery’s Fall 2016 show; it seemed as though Kim’s vision of bringing the corset into a modern day collection was to pay tribute to the female form, in a very casual way. Each corsetry detail we saw was everything from undone, with long straps hanging off, or laced up but in a soft and approachable kind of way.

Speaking of approachable, Ellery’s Fall 2016 silhouettes were definitely an attraction point; flared sleeves, jeans and skirts gallivanted down the catwalk, in a variety of wearable fabrics. Her use of velvet for footwear was genius, especially as the choice was between a bright amber or cobalt blue! And while we’re on the topic of colors, we observed an interesting shade of salmon pink being introduced, first as a delightful slim fur snood, which looks like a heart-shape upon wearing. The second option for the fish pink tone was a short, shaggy fur coat paired with pale burgundy for good measure.  

We liked the use of innovation at the Australian designers Fall 2016 show, and are looking forward to pushing the boundaries next season.

About the Author

Sabi Datoo-Lalji is a British Fashion Editor and Consultant living in Chelsea, NYC. When she isn't dreaming about Valentino Rock Studs, Sabi can be found practicing yoga and finding zen-like havens for her blog ( Follow her whimsicle footprint on Twitter & Instagram @sabidatoolalji