Runway Report: Fay Fall 2016

Fay’s Fall 2016 ready to wear collection was nothing short of unique, marrying dreamy westward appeal with utilitarian silhouettes. Fay took the textures of the west we know and love: fringed hemlines, chunky buckles, and paisley seams, and combined them with hard military structure in the jackets and overall shapes. Fay’s palette mixed folksy and uniform, with cool navy blues, earthy reds and brownish-blacks.

Fay’s narrative was a nod to colonialism, a tug of war between a structured utilitarian monopolizing culture coming in and an already existing civilization of dreamy roots. Taking these two polar concepts and melding them into one harmonious force was perhaps most successful on Fay’s part, and extremely apparent in their appliquéd collar and shirt work. Paisley flowers of blue and red stand out amongst a black structured button down, while layers of fringe were added to many constricted peplums and skirts. It is this notion of the constant war between freedom and constriction that truly told Fay’s story for this season: that ultimately, beauty can be created when combining two opposing forces.

About the Author

Alanna Martine Kilkeary is currently a junior at Fordham University, Lincoln Center. She is concentrating in English and pursuing a Fashion minor. She is the founder and mastermind behind Killer Queen, a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle site, as well as the WEAR Editor at the Lala. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @alanna_martine.