Runway Report: Fendi Couture Fall 2017

There’s always something theatrical to any show Karl Lagerfeld puts on and for Fendi’s 3rd Couture collection, he took it literally. As the lights dimmed inside the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, the orchestra chimed and the gold curtain rose, revealing a striking setting that featured a misty magical forest where models would then walk a mossy runway in an enchanting and ethereal collection of florals and fur seemingly from another world.

It was all about the flower this season, showing off the iris, crocus, poppy and daisy, displayed in a full third dimension thanks to their petals being formed by vibrant mink stitched onto silk organza, twisted with leather or hand-painted onto

The luxuriousness of the pieces could not be denied. Colors like onyx, deep rouge, cobalt and white were represented via sable, mink and lace which intertwined into stoic capes, dresses and coats that ballooned at the shoulder and fell into fishtail hems. The accessories were just as precisely designed (without taking away from the ensemble itself) like with their sharply pointed stiletto booties completed with puffs of monochromatic fur or blooming poppy’s and a delicate gold chain to restrain the foot into place along with leather “flower baskets” that exploded at the top with leather and fur petals.

Most of the pieces provided a bit of “cheekiness” and not in the British humour type of way, but in the literal sense as a sheer sensuality balanced the heaviness that could have come from so much fur. However, in the world of Karl Lagerfeld (especially when it comes to Fendi), is there ever a such thing as too much fur? We don’t think so.

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