Runway Report: Isabel Marant Fall 2017

There was a celebrated but excessive degree of texture and pattern at Isabel Marant Fall 2017 collection presentation – from metallic mesh blouses to faux fur and shearling leather coats, crystal studded jeans, and damask gold appliqué dresses, the audience was certainly left surprised and delighted.

Marant brought back the relaxed midi ruffled frocks, but in her attempt to keep Fall sexy, she cinched these dresses with extra wide leather belts until they got a strong hourglass shape and form. In addition, she introduced thigh-high leather boots – studded or embroidered – to up the sex appeal on the season when we most often layer heavily.  

Perhaps her most innovative pieces came in the form of a re-invented power-suit, but one with a definite French girl twist: belted, high-wasted, pleated, voluminous trousers with a double breasted, padded shoulder jacket. Minimal make up, no fuss hair, extra large earrings – in other words, ‘80s French girl running for office.

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