Runway Report: J.W. Anderson

As the latest winner of the Best Womenswear and Menswear designer of the year award via the British Fashion Awards there was much anticipation surrounding Jonathan Anderson’s Fall collection and oh how he did not disappoint.

It was playful yet chic. Geometric and bold yet remained feminine and flirty. Perhaps it was the way he juxtaposed his fabrics together like neoprene scuba neck sport jackets pieced with sheer chiffon or his tiered and molded eggshell mini skirts that while dense with construction appeared to float on the bottom of each of the girls that wore them.

No matter what it was that you loved one thing is for certain, with his first brick-and-mortar store having just opened this past January, we won’t be surprised when these latest creations end up being impossible to keep in stock!

About the Author

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