Runway Report: Jonathan Saunders

The new Jonathan Saunders woman is eminent and unrestricted.  Her eccentric colour palette and skillful ability to combine florals into the mix is, on paper, far from what you’d call trendy; but take a glance at her in presence, and there you’ll find the effortlessly accomplished talent of the designer’s SS14 collection.

In came seasonal layers which saw bomber jackets and light, tailored blazers, along with sporty references found in tracksuit pants and Bermuda shorts; although, femininity still remained at focus with the luxury of satin, sheer and suede materials. Dismissing any possibilities of a solid colour combo; we had a vibrant and hippie-like mix of almost any colour you can imagine: oranges, purples, pinks, greens, reds and blues – coming in both a gradient and block form.

Leafy, floral appliques and embroidery daintily set on sheer shirts, many paired with the outerwear piece that stood out the most; a Seventies-esque suede jacket – which, of course, came in multi-colours too. Much about this collection saw Saunders’ trademark menswear techniques intertwined in, yet it was enough to show that he has thoroughly grasped womenswear too, especially when considering the floral-galore, skinny strapped dresses which seemingly slips on in seconds.

What Saunders impresses all with, is his ideal tact of finding the midpoints between dressing for the runway, for the red carpet, and for your casual evenings too. He masters the idea of producing a collection that’s not only trans-seasonal, but trans-occasional too. It was a very well deserved collection to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his business – we can’t wait to see what he has in the forthcoming future.

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