Runway Report: Manolo Blahnik

Luxury footwear giant Manolo Blahnik proved his talents, worth and credentials with a ravishing presentation and short film (directed by Michael Roberts) of his latest collection yesterday. Situated in a hotel at London’s modish hotspot that is Covent Garden, the designer – who made his London Fashion Week debut only this season – showcased shoes which we, at first, can only describe as mesmerizingly splendid.

These shoes weren’t any old plain patent pumps and stilettos to glimpse at. In fact, there isn’t anything simplistic that rings from this new collection. The beauty lies in the intricate details, the assorted materials, the mixture of tasteful colours, and the dainty patterns.  Always one to pay attention to details; it’s worth mentioning that the presentation’s layout was impressive alone. Shoes were delicately placed on wooden chests and chairs, and vintage suitcases in the boutique styled room – the atmosphere was trendily set.

Indubitably, this is what we expect from the Blahnik, who’s idolized by the world of both fame (Kate Moss) and fiction (Carrie Bradshaw). We saw the colours of souls move from hot pink, to a fresh grass green, sunny yellow, and then tipped into glamour with gold polka dots. Ribbons, bejewels, buckles, embroidery and tassels entirely made each pair, as well as the handy combination of open-toed to closed. For those who aren’t too fond on heels; the classic black and white brogues or thickly strapped sandals find themselves as the perfect alternative.


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