Runway Report: Markus Lupfer

For many of us (even those with fond memories of high school), there isn’t an incentive out there big enough to entice us back to our teen years. Enter Markus Lupfer Spring 2014.

Set in a teenage girl’s bedroom – complete with a burger-shaped phone and walls plastered with posters – Lupfer presented a collection filled with the coquettish, whimsical designs we know and love him for. Despite its sweet and innocent setting, the collection had a grown-up edge; “the bedroom feels youthful but I wanted a bit of an attitude too.” Attitude, indeed, in the one word, exclamation-pointed tees, shouting “Jerk!” or “Loser!”, but also in the designs themselves, which season after season, Lupfer brilliantly keeps just on the other side of too sweet. Floral photograph patchwork printed silks (which the designer created by collaging the hundreds of flower photos he took) took shape in the form of ruffle tiered mini-skirts with matching tops, bomber jackets, and of course his signature, tailored-to-perfection sweatshirts. Rose gold lamé neoprene was used in a collared, zip-up jacket  and matching skirt, and was particularly chic in a high waisted, A-line skirt with ruffle trimmed pockets.  A grey and white rose printed lace was beautifully done, in both a slim cut pant with matching top, and in a very wearable sleeveless, drop-waisted dress. The stand-out, however, came in a heather grey, full mini-skirt and matching lightweight bomber jacket, branded with a sparkling “A” on the chest.

Now that we think about it, if our teenage bedroom came complete with Markus Lupfer hanging in the closet, we’d happily return to our teens – teenage angst and all.

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