Runway Report: Moncler Grenoble Fall 2015

When a design house requests for the glitterati of the fashion industry to leave the island of Manhattan and migrate to an outer borough for their presentation (a la Alexander Wang circa 2014)  you can bet it’ll be much more than your basic runway show. Lucky for us, Moncler did just that and then some for their Fall 2015 collection last night at the Navy Yard in Brooklyn, NY.

Moncler presented their sporty yet luxurious collection on 25 couples – adding to the Valentine’s Day evening festivities – each representing a different sport, it was if Moncler had their own life-sized Barbie and Ken dolls to dress. From archery, fishing and skiing to ice hockey, horseback riding and surfers, the pairs rose out the ground of a heart-shaped box on octagon shaped lifts clad in the latest quilted down filled nylon coats, intarsia and leather knitwear, stunningly fabricated boots and fur trimmed accessories. And while the presentation itself became somewhat of an active art instillation for the crowd to marvel over, it hit the romance home with its’ grand finale as a bride and groom emerged decked in a Moncler tux and all white “gown” and then proceeded to lead the pack in the ultimate make out session ever seen on any runway from here to Paris. We believe it’s safe to say, for those of us that took the journey, it was more than worth the trip.

About the Author

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