Runway Report: Peter Pilotto Fall 2017

Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos’s 2017 ready-to-wear collection blew out the concept of fall fashion in an incredibly new way by transforming the concepts of fall fashion. Set in London’s Waldorf Hotel, the Palm Court became a dazzling backdrop to the eccentric collection where the shapes of these pieces we know and love got a much-needed update with asymmetrical details, elongated sleeves, and fringed linings. Each of these separates formed their own musical note throughout the narrative of the collection, some softer with the use of draped textiles and some sharper with striking, bold patterns and graphics as the duo’s ‘song’ progressed.

In addition to the use of contrasting shapes, Pilotto and De Vos set the bar even higher with their constant mixture of patterns and hardware details. Zipper lined pants complimented various deep orange and midnight blue tweed jackets and tops throughout the midsection of the collection, exhibiting a crescendo of pattern and embellishment. These zippers continued to appear throughout Pilotto’s story as a whole, adding a sense of edge to the softer fabric used in most of their pant silhouettes this season.

The repetition of patterns and textiles also proved very successful, with an army green dress doused in electric purple flowers transforming into a skirt toward the middle of the collection. Later, another navy blue and electric orange fall dress did the same, metamorphosing into a long skirt paired with a punchy sculpted oversized sweater. Finally, their second-to-last dress was also repeated in their finale look as a swooping skirt, paired with a cool graphic jacket and kerchief. The transformation of these pieces was reminiscent to whole music notes becoming their halves—still capturing their essence yet redefining their sound altogether. 

In the end, this collection mastered the perfect combinations of these very different pieces and their identical personalities – composing an ultra-chic and eccentric symphony that truly embodies the Pilotto woman.

About the Author

Alanna Martine Kilkeary is currently a junior at Fordham University, Lincoln Center. She is concentrating in English and pursuing a Fashion minor. She is the founder and mastermind behind Killer Queen, a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle site, as well as the WEAR Editor at the Lala. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @alanna_martine.