Runway Report: Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2016

‘Fashion week is broken.’ That’s how Rebecca Minkoff’s show notes for Fall 2016 began and with that short statement a new world of fashion is upon us. One of several designers to launch with their first retail ready runway this season, Rebecca Minkoff showed off many of the current trends we’ve been slowly adding into our rotating wardrobes except with her own elevated twist.

”I’m celebrating my customers – modern, urban women who live life on their own terms, They wear what they want to wear. They do what they want to do. They love who they want to love. And they go wherever they want to go. All of these looks fit seamlessly into that fearless lifestyle.”

Although there were some one-off’s from her showing this past September, there were plenty of new twists to current trends that held our attention. For example, mixed media outerwear in white tweed and studs was at it’s core the Minkoff balance of edgy and feminine but was something yet to be seen from the designer. There were wearable yet luxurious suedes pieces in dusty grey, lavender and camel which were more often than not paired with stark white flouncing ruffled dresses or off the shoulder tops however it was her ultra-cool and laid-back ensembles of cropped denim and LA/NY sweatshirts and tees that we loved most of all (although we’d be remiss not to mention the fabulous earrings and circle-shaped handbags with loads of leather tassels).

The takeaway from Fall 2016 is that Minkoff brought her idea of gypset to the runway and fortunately for us, we don’t have to wait to bring it home.

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