Runway Report: Rebecca Taylor

If romance had a bad-ass / jump on the back of a motor-cycle / sporty side to it, it appeared before our eyes at Rebecca Taylor.  In fact, each ensemble proved that her spring 2014 collection was all about ‘opposites attract’.

This season, the usual Rebecca Taylor femininity was shining except this time with a welcomed hard edge.  Perforated leathers and moto-inspired construction showed up in everything from moto-“padded” trousers to leather mini-dresses and even the perforated booties on the models feet which were trimmed in leather to provide an additional richness.  Even patchwork was given an opportunity to shine as “engineered” jeans strutted down the runway paired with boyfriend blazers and a cotton eyelet top and the patch denim tee partnered with a pink pleat trouser.  Half way through the collection it became very clear, as a waffle bonded lace vest and a mesh hoodie matched with a bonded lace full skirt came out on the runway, the key was keeping everything in harmony.

Taylor also proved to everyone she knows a thing or two about layering by providing inspiration to anyone who has ever found it too tricky to accomplish on their own.  By keeping fabrics light, colors neutral and the base layer fitted, looks like one with a long rubberized terry bomber with an enchanted floral hoodie and railroad denim straight leg trouser seemed perfectly suited for Spring.

There were also many specialized fabrications like croc embossed leathers and rubberized terry vests which gave a denser sense to some ensembles, the sweatpant was reinterpreted with precise tailoring while a series of heavily encrusted skirts and dresses took our breath away with their stunning beauty.

About the Author

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