Runway Report: Roland Mouret Fall 2017

Fall 2017 marked Roland Mouret’s 20th anniversary. In the show notes, he tells the story of how he became what he wasn’t supposed to be. His path of being a butcher and taking his father’s shop was laid out in front of him but as soon as he picked up a pair of scissors and cut his first piece of fabric he knew the fashion industry was his destiny. With London as his true inspiration to become the designer he is today, he brought his show back to his home and dazzled all of us lucky enough to enjoy it live.

He played the angles this time around, creating asymmetrical hems on front-slitted skirts, sharp squared necklines, open and off the shoulder blouses constructed in double wool crepe, every seam and every line had a purpose. His woman was sophisticated and polished with enough sex-appeal to turn the heads of men and women wherever she goes – even in the office. Ribbed and metallic diamond-patterned mesh-knits were manipulated; wrong and right sides sewn together, directional layouts changing throughout one piece, it all tricked the eye into believing multiple fabrications were at play but in the end, it was more simple than that – proving more than ever that even pieces that appeared simple, ultimately take a highly superior hand in construction to come off so flawlessly.

“In truth, I am here because I love what I’m doing, because of all the strong women in my life and the women who have made this journey with me, some from the very beginning, and others who have discovered my designs along the way. Women around the world have contributed so much into making my journey, that in the end they have made me.”


About the Author

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