Runway Report: Sacai Fall 2017

The dynamic hybrid under the direction of Chitose Abe, a hybrid advancing construction and craftsmanship is an aesthetic entirely solidified at Sacai. Abe’s distinctive vision continues to differentiate Sacai’s designs seasonally and competitively. It is under this philosophy of “doing what she wants to do, when she wants and how she wants,” that impactful collections, like this one, are conceived.

Abe’s methods are consistent whilst evidently surprising each season. Drawing inspiration from a plethora of material, the collection was incorporating, but uncomplicated. Fall Winter 2017 Sacai presented nylon parkas and Victorian florals. Track pants were feminine with a semblance of romanticism in their styling. Milk-colored fur appeared accenting a puffer jacket or trimming a hooded track jacket.

Denim was added to Abe’s repertoire this season, not in an ordinary fashion, but rather spliced and lined as staying true to the designer’s mark. “The idea is not to be confined to conventions,” Sacai’s Creative Director defined her vision backstage following the show. This notion was elucidated as Chanel scripted tweed jackets were reinterpreted into anoraks and puffers styled back to unconventional skirting.

An emphasis on outerwear this season was apparent amongst the collection, through the vast variation of statement coats. A lasting takeaway also included the versatility of zippers carried throughout in multiples, as dynamic detailing or structural silhouetting. The Sacai Fall Winter 2017 collection was anything but ordinary, but rather a testament to the synthesized and harmonization of contradictory matter, a testament to the creative of Chitose Abe.

About the Author

Jennifer Paccione is a fashion editor who shares her time between New York City and Milan. She has been featured and published with respected magazines internationally in various languages. She currently acts as contributing editor for publications including Bulgari Magazine, The Fashionable Lampoon, Fashion to Max and RedMilk Magazine, whilst having contributed for NYLON and Editorialist. Alongside journalism, Jennifer freelances as a social media and digital marketing advisor, having already worked with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Alberta Ferretti and Philosophy, among many. Follow her on Instagram @jenniferpaccione