Runway Review: Andrew Gn Spring 2015

Who knew Andrew Gn was feeling so frisky for spring?  With Impressionism and ikebana among the highbrow references that inspired Gn’s spring 2015 collection, the lofty, conceptual route these influences could have lead to was instead eschewed for colorful, graphic designs with a definite emphasis on the waist and a shorter, sexy hemline.  The three entirely beaded, shimmy-provoking cocktail dresses that ended the show (along with the pink-purple lighting that bathed the venue) underscored the distinctively younger and prettier vibe that has been noticeably absent from so many of the other spring collections shown in Paris this week, with their moody presentations and serious, neutral-based palettes.  This isn’t to say that Gn strayed from trends or relevance; to the contrary, he cleverly incorporated the Japanese vibe that seems to have seduced several other Paris designers this season.  This Asian spirit was most evident in the form of obi-style belts, cherry blossom appliqués and a wavy woodblock print, rendered especially impactful thanks to Gn’s bold choice of color, which took a softer turn as the Giverny-printed pieces began to turn the corner.  Following these looks were several separates remarkably embroidered with abstract variations of climbing vines, branches and flowers. Our favorite pieces (besides the aforementioned fringed finale frocks) included the bright red and blue Edo wave-print dresses and the embellished collarless coats worn over shorts. Within the span of 48 looks, Gn managed to simultaneously present a cohesive, thoughtful runway show, and give his customers desirable clothes that – while clearly inspired by specific images – avoided the trap of looking too “costume” or referential.

About the Author

A fashion stylist, event designer, and style writer, Lucas Somoza has a keen eye for all things beautiful. Based in Paris, Lucas regularly collaborates with Olivia throughout Paris Fashion Week, producing editorials and contributing reviews of designer collections. You can follow Lucas on Instagram at @LucasSomoza.