Runway Review: Chanel

There was a protest at Chanel this week, a protest against the norm, and the new, with a nostalgic sense of belonging to a better era.  As Karl Lagerfeld presented his take on Spring/Summer 2015, the petite fashion giant reflected back on what the house of Chanel was and still seeks to be – a forum for betterment.  And how could one not feel better in a perfectly tailored tweedy suit or a montage cocktail dress made up of rectangular synthetic enhancements whose reflective character complemented the street-like surroundings.

Chanel classic couture was revived, complete with oversized, boxy shapes, pleated skirts, floor length double-breasted suit jackets, and cropped blazers over mosaic silk dresses.  Coco Chanel’s favorite tremendously wide-legged trousers with matching ¾ tweed jackets are back, except more wonderful (and wider) than ever.  Even the immortal striped cardigan dresses made it into this season’s line-up; fittingly unbuttoned, with the Chanel signature double Cs deliberately peaking out, Gisele owned the runway in a sand/tea-stained version of the dress.

The old Chanel, reinvented, refreshed, but very much on brand, continues to win and fight for what matters – freedom of style.

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