Runway Review: Dries Van Noten Spring 2015

With a runway covered to mimic a walk through a mossy green forest (thanks to Argentinean artist, Alexandra Kehayoglou) and only the sound of birds tweeting to open the show, Dries Van Noten brought us all back to nature (at it’s coolest) for Spring 2015.
The inspiration was clear enough, Mallias’ Ophelia and Shakespere’s A Midsummer Nights Dream provided the woodland nymph influence and hippie-esque motifs. Textured knits, colorfully draped silks and jacquards intermingled harmoneously making us all think “why I didn’t I think of that.” With such a large arrangement of textures, colors and prints refined editing became a necessity, and as only Van Noten can do.  It reigned supreme throughout the collection allowing for each separate piece like waistcoasts, drop-waist trousers and light as air silk chiffon dresses to stand out on their own while simultaneously marrying with the rest of the ensemble.
Lighting during the show may have been dimmed on purpose however the clothing on the runway was anything but. Hoards of rainbows woven into stripes and colorful paisley’s danced on silk blouses as if the suns reflection brought them to life just as it would in nature itself. Innovative until the very end, each model came out for their final walk and, as if in their own stylish sit-in, sat down amongst the grassy runway, having all of us wishing and wanting to join them.

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