Runway Review: Etro Spring 2015

Primitive motifs of Native American dream catchers were transformed yesterday into kaftan dresses and long skirts at Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milan, where the 1968 fashion maison Etro presented its Spring Summer Collection for 2015.

It was all about Native American influence with tufts and tepees, colours and shapes of the desert proving the show notes correct which stated that the Etro woman had “risen from the sand and the heat of the desert like an opulent mirage.” Maintaining a traditional quality through pattern, the fashion brand adds a contemporary twist through light colours and innovative combinations of rose, mauve and dusty blue. Silhouettes were feminine, with a bohemian flavour and denim remained the king of all, remade with laser-cut tribal slashing and embroideries. Dressing coats that reflected Navajo blankets proved this season that the Etro woman is the artist of her own self.

If you see that Etro woman walking down the street next year she will also wear decorative ponchos streaming in fringe and slouchy suede boots, fringed, and criss-cross laced. Also, long silk robes and kimono jackets with printed tank tops and trousers that will provide her a mix of chic refinement and row romanticism.

About the Author

Julia Urgel is a journalist and producer based in Madrid who contributes to a multitude of magazines –Marie Claire México, Vanidades México, Gentleman Spain and writing about fashion, celebrities and beauty. With an MBA in fashion -and a future PhD in fashion too- she is a university proffesor at Centro Universitario Villanueva and director of the specialization course Wedding Event Planner. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @julia_urgel