Runway Review: Fausto Puglisi Spring 2015

If your style has you more likely to stand in the corner as a wall-flower than center-stage and under a spotlight, Fausto Puglisi is just not for you. As expected by someone so immensley influenced by Gianni Versace, Fausto’s Spring 2015 collection was bold, brazen and full of cheeky sex appeal.

Very present were Puglisi staples like loud colors and geometric shapes except this time, even though there was plenty of black and white, his usual primaries of blue, yellow and red turned into neons like lemon and lime, and the large shapes exploded into a kaleidoscope of intricate diamonds, triangles and circles creating an almost tile-like looking textile rather than a digital print. Great knits were showcased in crew-neck graphic intarsias and floor sweeping sweater coats while new more free flowing aspects were present in messy circular cutouts deliberately placed throughout the entire collection providing either depth in color, a texture or just to show off some skin.

Speaking of showing off some skin, hemlines tended to lie far above the knee and if the silhouette wasn’t making legs the focus, bandeaus and crop tops brought the eye above the waist and kept it there.  Luckily, whichever part (top or bottom) was most exposed their counterpart was juxtaposed perfectly. For example, a high-slit micro mini with disco crystal embellishments got heavily layered with over-sized knits and each teensy top was paired up with a midi skirt.  One thing’s for sure, if it’s fun you want to have, turning to Fausto Puglisi seems like a great direction to go in.

About the Author

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