Runway Review: Pringle of Scotland

It was all about unfussy athleticism at Pringle of Scotland for Spring 2015, where stripy daywear discreetly transitioned into breezy cocktail attire. The brand known for its technical innovation has surpassed all expectations with a presentation full of wistful, cloud colored separates, some much embroidered and precipitous.

The show was off to a clean start with a lucid turquoise knit and a side-swept pleated midi skirt with same color insert panels.  What followed was a sea of overstated white, either sheer or garnished with silver embroidery, some even garlanded with blue foil geometric petals.  The meticulousness of work required for these elaborate flourishes on the roomy voile sweatshirts, and a few knitted dresses, is shocking.

But the ultimate collection favorite is, undoubtedly, the multi-functional chiffon, rotund doctor coat, ornamented with pale blue panel inserts and large, clearly defined side pockets.

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