Salvatore Ferragamo’s 35th Anniversary of the Vara


Anniversaries are always a big deal no matter who is involved or what the occasion entails. When one of the world’s leading luxury brands – in this case,  Salvatore Ferragamo – decides to honor the 35th anniversary of the most iconic shoe design in their archive, the occasion must be met with a celebration worthy of its milestone.

Created in 1978, the Vara, with its classic lines and simple yet chic design, has become one of the most famously recognized shoes to come from the historic brand.  In order to properly commemorate this monumental occasion, Salvatore Ferragamo has enlisted the talent of fine art portrait photographer, Claiborne Swanson Frank, to create a superbly curated and beautifully art directed online gallery, L’Icona, which launches today.  L’Icona will comprise of 21 portraits shot by Frank of the worlds most influential trend-setting modern-day women – all donning a customized pair of either the Vara or Varina (a ballet-flat version of the Vara), and were hand-selected by Ferragamo creative director Massimiliano Giornetti himself.  Olivia was among those honored to be chosen, and dons her customized navy and turquoise Vara in the Frank-shot portrait above.  Along with the amazing L’Icona gallery, Justin Wu has directed a beautiful short film starring all 21 women, shown around the world in their  fabulous customized Ferragamo Varas.


The oxford blue Vara, with turquoise bow and heel.

This anniversary also marks the first time these shoes have ever had the ability to be custom ordered by anyone.  The best part of all – this customization process is open to everyone.  This means that we too can obtain our very own one-of-a-kind pair.  Comprised of a mid-sized heel, rounded toe and gros-grain bow with an embossed gold plaque, this now immortalized style has been worn by fashion tastemakers the world over and will continue to do so far into the future.

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