Seeing Red: Christian Louboutin x Harrods


We feel a congratulations is in order to french luxury designer Christian Louboutin as he has just acquired his first standalone boutique in the world famous Harrods department store in London.  Located on the first floor, the stage-like space is full of archived Louboutins as well as the designer’s latest shoe and handbag collections which will no doubt make you feel the need to treat yourself.

Using London landmarks as inspiration, famed product and interior designer, Lee Brom, has implemented a chic one-of-a–kind instillation for the luxury brand.  Throughout the boutique you can spot the hints of homage to London’s most famous tourist attractions like London’s underground in the mixed tile as well as Big Ben which is etched into the arched window at the back of the room.  The space itself is lined in red carpet with stucco ceilings, white archways and glass framed shelves (inspired by the Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House), allowing you the chance to peek in on all the goodies that beckon you to go inside.


Now while you can always casually shop and sit atop the beautiful ottomans to try on your fabulous Louboutins, there’s also another way.  Slip behind a mirrored door and enter the private shopping room (that more so resembles an art exhibit) for the ultimate high-end shopping experience.   Here, the couture crafted footwear perch precisely in wooden cubby spaces lit to perfection while a red velvet couch lines the wall giving ample space for the no doubt hoards of customers that are eager to try on their one (or seven) pairs of red-soled stilettos.


Whether you just want to browse or you’re there to add to your extended collection, if you find yourself in the area, it’s more than worth the time to pop in and immerse yourself in the suspended reality that is the luxe world of Christian Louboutin.

If you can’t get to London, you can still get your Louboutin fix by shopping our favorites:


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